Friday, 27 July 2007

Hang them

Hands up all those who want death penalty back? for your benefit my hand is up and I know yours is up as well. to Answer this question Neil Matthys a Social activist with Earth Life Africa base d in Cape town said“death penalty is a sensitive issue” . I fortunately had a benefit of listening to Judge Bhekebheke who spent 2 year in death raw and he open my eyes. He said people want death penalty because of a human instinct. There is nothing wrong with people wanting death penalty back. The government have to ensure that people feel safe in their homes and in the streets “I want to go to the shop and buy a packet of cigarette and came back safe” said Matthys . This is the bone of contention... Judge Bhekebheke said if there is almost 100% that a criminal will be arrested and successfully charged more and more people will realise that crime does not pay, but not now. Today Criminals know that there is 80% chance that they will get away with the murder. Some take chances because they know that even if they are caught they will get bail and have another chance to come and make more money. Take the case of Simelane who was out on bail when he hijacked Judy Sexwale and he is currently applying for another bail again. It is any ones guess as to how many people he killed since his last successful bail application.

Death penalty is not popular with people like Bhekebheke because they know that people like simelane Will afford expensive lawyers and always get bail and eventually win their case or their dockets go missing in the hands of the Police. As for the poor they will be hanged some time for crimes they didn't commit.Are we prepared to go that route? it is true that it is a human instinct to look for a quick solution when were are facing ever increasing violent crime, kids missing Cash in transit and the government looking away. Forget about those who play and dance with our emotions and use this for political scoring. I know for sure that if my child is killed tomorrow I can assure you I probably say “kill the bastard” that is human nature. So many things need to be adjusted before we can jump to the bandwagon of death penalty. 1. Our Justice system police incompetence and corruption. poverty alleviation etc there are more social ills in our society we can never finish if we can begin to look into them. I am not sure if I want death penalty or I am frustrated by the system... is death penalty a solution maybe...maybe not


Beenz said...

I often contemplate this one, Muzi...and I never come up with an answer. I can't bring myself to condone the taking of someone elses life - even if it might mean preventing the death of an innocent person. I think of Amy Biehl's parents who now work with their daughter's murderers, and I wonder if I could ever be that forgiving. I really admire them.

As you say, there is so much to be done in SA - and where the hell do you begin?

Have a look at this video link for a brilliant form of criminal rehabilitation:

Muzi said...

Hey Beenz
Let's begin by making our streets safer for our children the rest will follow. As for Biehl's family that one is one of a kind and very few people can emulate that yet we are all capable.Thanks for video link I hope it will be an eye opener

phathu said...

I think the problem is policing rather than the harshness of the punishment. The issue is that people who commit these crimes dont get caught, and I think we need to resolve that first. I dont think having death penalty will change anything since people know they wont get caught.

Muzi said...

Hey Phathu
I agree fully with you but as Beenz said where do we start? We have dockets that get lost in the hands of the police, Police plotting to kill their colleagues with gangsters.... who do we trust? We are in crises but we don't want to admit

Walton said...

Bru, for me once you give the State the right to kill people, you're on a slippery slope that leads back to what we escaped from in South Africa.