Friday, 21 September 2007


A South Africans choke when it matters most… this is not for the first time they have made it their habit and they are perfecting it now. They played so well and convincing that I thought they were going to beat Australia in the semis little did I know that they still have a fear of big tournament (a big tournament phobia) we must find a name for it because it is here to stay.

Before the start of the game one Indian commentator speculated that the reason why India took a strange decision to bat first when they won the toss was because South Africa was known for choking in big tournaments and I immediately dismissed that theory as stupid…. Oh boy he was so right. They have a tendency of choking spectacularly remember the world game in Durban? When Shaun Pollock fu…d up the Duck Lewis I am not sure if I got it right, but you know what I am talking about.

I heard John Robbie on 702 asking if Jacques Kallis was watching South Africa committing suicide I thought to myself does he think he would do any better. We have choked several times in big tournaments with him present. I think he is one player who is so afraid of Australia and very conscious about the records he wants to make every time he takes the field. He was a liability in our first match with Australia during the world cup. But the positive out of this tournament is that we have seen the likes of Albie and Morne Morkel as well as Vernon Philander and I think they did South Africa proud except that Philander is to blame for his ineptitude that cost us dearly.

My wife didn't enjoy Cricket this time apparently because the hunks left too early. West Indies were hammered and dumped out of the tournament before we can even finish the word T20. West Indies is her favourite team and they didn't do good in this tournament as well and she told she was upset that the guys that are left now are not as hot maybe some women will disagree with her. What is the motivation for women to watch male sport?

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Ridwan said...

Yeah they choke bra Muzi. How much more evidence do we need?

Kallis or no Kallis.

Remember the World Cup? Choking and cramping.

See my post about this:

And with all due respect to your wife, the Windies are just too unpredictable.

Have a great weekend. Well come to think of it your weekend has begun already. We have just hit noon here on the left coast.