Wednesday, 26 September 2007

SABC Sport

Hey am I on drugs or something? I remember so vividly one of the SABC honchos on MTN soccer zone clarifying the top sport priorities for 2007/2008 season. We were told that SABC 3 would flight English premier league and their promos still say that. We were promised even La liga, bundisliga etc highlights. Does that mean SABC took a U turn without notifying us. I am still waiting they said August but we are heading towards the end of Sept. What is wrong with the public broadcaster or maybe there is something wrong with me? Is there any one who knows better than I do?

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Anonymous said...

dude... I feel the same.... SABC always promises the stars and we end up with the dark side of the moon...
No more F1, no more decent international sport, no more decent football etc. etc.