Monday, 10 September 2007

I've lost hope

I fail to understand why people believe that if they shout on top of their voices Thabo Mbeki will fire Manto Tshabalala-Msimang. We have heard all the reasons why, but there is only one reason that we don’t want to admit. Manto is one minister who is prepared to die for this government stance on HIV and AIDS. Manto is implementing the government policy wrong as they are without question. If we think that Beetroot and what ever Manto is talking about is of her own imagination ask yourself why no one in government is questioning her at least in public. I think people who should be fired are those noisemakers in that cabinet including their boss. Madlala Routledge was fired because she was not executing what The President wanted… we all know his stance on HIV.

Their response to Free Hospital saga was an indication of the attitude of government to public hospital. (The poor deserve those conditions) What they were saying to us is that the situation in Frere Hospital is not different to Bara, Cecelia Makhiwane, Prince Mshiyeni or any other public hospital that you may think of. According to this government what happened in Frere hospital is not a cause for concern. I wonder if the minister can go and tell the parents who lost their children in that hospital that all is well at the hospital. I know the feeling from experience we lost a child due to negligence at Johannesburg Hospital in 2003. I don’t think there is anyone who can come and tell me all is well when I know exactly what led to that painful experience even worse I came agonisingly close to losing my wife too. That is the experience the president do not know Manto doesn’t know it either. Unfortunately not all of us can afford private health, but as things stand the government making show that it is the only option or go and die in public hospital.


Ridwan said...

Geez Muzi I am indeed sorry to read of your loss broer.

Our hospitals are in a shambles. There are a few good ones. In Kimberley and Bloemfontein I have come accross ones that seem to be working.

But, these are isolated. For the most part there are not enough resources.

The political will does not match the need posed.

Still, I can't understand the President's allegiance with the health minister.

Inside and outside of SA, she is seen as a liability.

There must be more. More reason as to why he stands so firm in conviction.

Thanks for sharing broer.

Peace and struggle,

Muzi said...

We have made peace moved on.

Sundaytimes did an intrusive investigation into our hospitals and Kimberly came tops. there are also clinics which are trying under these circumstnces. Thabo is standing by Manto because Manto diverts attention from him.When last did you hear about Mbeki's uterrances on HIV and AIDS? Manto is doing a good job for him.

Beenz said...

Muzi, you are my kind of South African!

Members of parliament and all government officials should be forced to use state facilities: no pvt hospitals, medical aid, pvt schools, pvt transport... If its good enough for the people who put them in power, it should be good enough for them!

Maybe then we'd get the services we pay for via our taxes.

Muzi said...

you are so right Beenz they don't care because they know they can afford private health private schools leafy suburbs and so on.Hey always nice to hear from you.