Friday, 28 September 2007

Is this a joke?

I always thought that SA parliament is joke think of Johnny Delange fighting live on TV politicians crossing the floor with the votes of their parties. What about the shouting session that they open daily, but I never though the United Nations will come down to that level. Listen to the leaders of the United States, Zimbabwe and Iran was an eye and ear soar to put it mildly. I was sitting there thinking how many kids are dying of hunger when world leaders are fighting their battles and defending their corners? How many Palestine kids are being shot at as the verbal diarrhoea consumes our leaders. What about the innocent children in Iraq who were not even mentioned in those long boring speeches really wonder if they even count them as casualties as their leader were trading insults. It so sad those leaders use the UN to settle scores when there is so much to talk about in the world. I hope someone will whisper some sense into their ears just maybe they will listen and face the rally, wars, hunger, global, warming to name but the few

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