Monday, 8 October 2007

lost one

On Monday last week our old man at the office opened the basement door for me at around 06h30 and soon closed it again. It is not his job to open the gate but we are both early birds at the office so he made it his duty to open for me every morning. He told me that I must be careful Jozi Thugs could follow me into the basement and hijack me. There was nothing new in that we all know these guys can do anything to get their hands on to our valuable possessions. He also told me that he had some minor pains at his hip. I ask him to request a one-day leave and see a doctor or go to a clinic. On Tuesday morning he was not there to open for me and I thought I knew where he was, but on Thursday I began to be worried and the guy who works with him told me the old man has just disappeared. No one knew where he was even his family in Zola last saw him early on Monday morning. WE had grown so close to each other he was like my father and I still owe him a drink or a cup of tea after a good gesture he showed me sometime ago. My worse fear was confirmed on Friday… my old man died on his way home on Monday evening. His body was taken to government mortuary until his family could identify his body on Thursday. He will be buried in KwaZuluNatal this coming weekend.May his soul rest in peace.


Ridwan said...

Muzi I am saddened to read of your "old man's" passing, may God rest his soul.

I am sure that he made a place for you in his heart as you did for him.

You will no doubt miss his warmth and spirit as you make your way to work. And, of course, elsewhere.

In the context of Zimani, he will 'live' in the good spirit world of our ancestors as long as you remember him with fondness.

You can still reach him broer, try to contact those he loved and you will contact him in this way.

I wish you strength.


Muzi said...

Thanx Ridwan by the way I have left some few comments in your blog but I don't see them is there something I am doing wrong maybe?

Ridwan said...

Muzi your comments have not come through bra.

Are you signing in under your name ... would be strange for it to get lost.

Try leaving it as anonymous ... to see if it goes through.

But as of now I have not come across any of your comments.

Makes me sad bra, 'cause I want to hear you too.

Please try again, if even a couple of test runs.


ps. sometimes it asks you to do a word verification a second time ... weird system.

Beenz said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Muzi. I agree with Ridwan - it would mean a lot to his family to know how much he meant to you, and this keeps his spirit alive.