Thursday, 11 October 2007

This is my opinion

I read in the media that parents will pay a whooping R300.00 for giving their children a hiding. That made me think, ever since we won our democracy we are busy giving rights to the wrong people …criminals, children, fraudsters, and we don’t empower the law enforcement or empower educators on how to deal with the new set of rules. Children as young as 12 are allowed to abort without their parent’s permission. Teachers are helpless as kids go on the rampage raping, filming private parts of girls by force and even killing each other. I watched with disgust the reaction of the three the boys accused of murdering another schoolboy on TV last night. For them it was the sixty seconds of fame whilst the mother of the dead boy was crying her lungs out. By the way what was she doing trying to confront those boys? Some things are best left as they are.

We have criminals roaming the streets committing the same crime that they were supposed to be arrested for in the first place. Now as if the police have not enough on their table they will have to run around on Saturday mornings trying to arrest parents who are smacking their kids who didn’t come without a permission. That will be a mission. Are they increasing the number of police as they increase their scope? No they will have to do with the resources they have now if they do have … we know the story when you call the police station they tell you there is no car available.

What is being done to empower the teachers as children get more rights, what is being done to ensure that the Police have an upper hand to criminals as criminals are increasingly knowing their rights. The government is taking away our rights as parents but when that child commits crime you will be expected to take the blame children.


Beenz said...

For me, an eye for an eye should mean that if you deprive someone of their basic human rights, then you should be deprived of yours. Finish and klaar! No more prisoners with voting rights etc.

I fully agree with your statement that we are focussing on giving rights to the wrong people and neglecting those who deserve them.

Pauline said...

If we were going to apply the politics of an eye for an eye, this country would be going nowhere, considering the levels of violence, I just can't imagine what's going to happen if we're going to ad on that!
I don't believe in corporal punishment. but I think to make parents pay be a R300 fine because they smacked their child is just plain stupid. First it just can't be enforced. Nothing is done to help parents to parent their child. How many times have I have seen parents struggling and worrying about their child not going to school, and the social workers threatening them an telling them they must their child at school. Parents are not stupid, they know that an they want their child to go to school! They need help, not someone lecturing them or punishing them!