Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Every time when I am on the road I see metro police pulling cars over and talking to drivers non-stop. I have been asking myself what the hell are they talking about because as far as I know there is no love lost between Drivers and metro police. Every time drivers see a metro police car they check they wallets if they have their driver licence with or wonder if they don’ have outstanding fines. It happened to me right in the middle of Jozi between Twist and Noord streets one afternoon. Driving there in the afternoon is madness to say the least; robots are rendered useless taxi do as they wish. In short driving there in the afternoon is the survival of the fittest.

This afternoon there were metro police to help with the flow of traffic and as I came towards the most often useless robots a metro cop pointed his finger at me and ordered me to pull over. I stop and took out my drivers license and wind down my window. The officer was not interest he just asked me to switch on my emergency lights I thought that was routine until this guy praised my car telling me how he likes it and ask me if I was selling. I got irritated and asked him “is that all sir? I am sorry I am on my way to Pretoria”. Oh do you know I am also from Pretoria? said the officer? It is at that point that I switched on my engine and left. What was he looking for? is it how they do their work? I don’t under stand their job I am sorry.

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Therese Jood said...

Hi,I am very dissappointed at the way we(taxi commuters)were treated this morning.The Metro Traffic officer stopped the taxi in the fast lane ,takes the drivers keys and say he wants an apology because the driver almost bumped him.The officer waves a Putco bus to pass and the bus hits us as he turns while another car hits us from behind.I think this officer is abusing his authority and getting away with it.This happened at about 07h40 at Corner Booysens and Webber Rds in Booysens JHB.This officer had no badge or name tag to be identified with.He was uncooth and very arrogant,he kaept on demandinding that the taxi driver should apologize for almost running him over,this is in fact a lie.He stopped the taxi right on the white line without any warning.