Friday, 5 October 2007

Out to lunch

It is amazing how some commentator’s view 2010 and crime. Crime is a reality in South Africa but it looks like your David Bullard of this world are doing everything possible to scare the hell out of football fans by declaring that they would be sent home as corpses if they dare come to South Africa in 2010. South Africa staged Rugby World, Cricket world cup and recently Twenty 20 world cup. I don’t remember seeing or heard of corpses of fans being sent back in body bags in this crime spree David is talking about. No one warned rugby and Cricket fans of not coming to SA, because they would die in South Africa. why? Is it because the fans of Cricket and Rugby are strait and narrow and Soccer fan are criminals? I am tired of this double standard of reporting. I am a victim of crime like you everyone else but there is no point in creating the impression that it is soccer fans that will be robed in South African not cricket fans.

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