Friday, 30 November 2007

Love is all around us

One Wednesday whilst I was driving in the middle of Jozi, my car Clutch cable broke right in the middle of the road. To my surprise when I look outside there were more that ten men pushing my car directing me where to park it safe before I can call my insurance. After parking my car at the Corner of Rissik and market the guys wished me luck and went their separate ways. I was left wondering, “is this Johannesburg I know or am I in the wrong city”? From my experience Johannesburg is the most arrogant city after Nigeria in Africa, people would wait until you ask for help before they can offer to help. To my surprise strangers just decided to offer me help without lifting a finger. I didn’t have words to thank them, that was incredible people risking their lives by jumping into the running traffic to help a stranger whilst they are strangers themselves I still can’t believe it. What I strongly believe in is that people are always willing to help if you ask for help, but this was beyond my imagination. I wish I can remember their faces on the streets and surprise one or two of them, but one of them was wearing Game uniform I suppose he works for Game probably in Pritchard Street.

As if that was not enough the following day Thandi’s friend (Thandi is my wife) borrowed us her car to Mpumalanga, can you believe this Mpumalanga Ermelo to be precise, +_250 KM away. When our car broke down we already had this trip planned and her friend told her that "you are not cancelling you trip I will bring my car to you in the evening"(not her exact words). Talk about luck. How do people choose friends I am sure my friends can do anything but to borrow me a car I am not sure they caold do that. Initially I thought that was impossible until it happened to me. Do you think there is any combination of words that can make up a proper thank you for that? I don’t think so, what would you do if you were me?


Ridwan said...

Muzi this is an excellent post that speaks against the tired bemoaning of all that is wrong with our country and our people.

We are a hopeful people and we should remind each other from time to time.

Thanks for making me smile here broer ... I can't wait to be on our "Soil" in just 3 days.



Muzi said...

Hey Ridwan welcome home broer