Tuesday, 20 November 2007


For sometime now we have been singing praises of our not so new coach Carlos Alberto Pereira. Bafana Bafana have played some tough opposition and came second best most of the times. They always show a promise that does not come to fruition. Since 1995 I have never seen press so friendly to a coach. I remember Shakes Mashaba who did fairly well with the team but press was a constant pain in his backside.

I am a bit concerned that our progress is going too slow for my liking. I would love to see Bafana go to the semi final of AFCON maybe even the finals… I know that is far fetched, but it is possible. I would not like to see us playing to lose only to be told later by the coach that he is not concerned about the score line that is a bit of a concern for me.

Remember Carlos Quiroz (former Bafana coach) he once said we must notbe concerned about FIFA rankings because he was not. Immediately South Africa plummeted to the lowest rankings ever. This was after it was no1 in Africa and enjoying the status of being in the top twenty in the World. The media then forgot about FIFA rankings, ironically when we were going to play the USA the media made sure that every South African knows that the US is 60 notches higher than Bafana conditioning us for losing. In the deed that worked because I am yet to hear someone complaining about that game even my most critical friend of mine Rathing is keeping quiet.

Our boys are lazy they can’t even run, they couldn't string three passes together let alone flowing game they were also erratic like amatures. I don’t see us beating teams like Ivory Coast, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria or even Tunisia. These are some of the teams, which are likely to go the semis unless they cancel each other along the way. If between now and January the boys can show the sense of urgency in front of goals then we still have an outdside chance.

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