Friday, 2 November 2007

Woman of colours

I am not a talkative person even though some people dispute that. Sometimes I go crazy and Tuesday morning was one of those days. I was listening to Bad boy T (Thomas these days) and his crew on Metro fm. They always play a feel good classic song just after 06h00 clock. They play nice old songs both local and international. This Tuesday as I was driving towards Jozi they the played Victoria Wilson James’ woman of colours and spontaneously I heard myself shouting oooooohhh umfazi wamabalabala (woman of colours) of course this song reminded me of good times and bad times. The year was 1992 and booze, dagga and all that goes with it (including crime) was the order of the day. Naledi extension and Zola (SOWETO) were the place to be I remember my friends, Rubber, CharlieMingus, Montana unfortunately not all of us made it to where I am now, we use to rule December (Dezemba in township lingo ) When we entered any shebeen an LP or a cassette of Victoria Wilson James “woman of colours” must be ready because it was our song or else we are leaving. That is the year my son was born, it is also the year that I lost my brother and later my best friend. My friend left with Snyman (the guy who sells dagga and drugs) and never came back until his badly decomposed body (to put mildly) was found at the nearby school by druggies who made school their safe heaven at night. 1992 was the beginning of my life because at the end of the year I changed my life around to who I am today a responsible person. But that was the year to remember... where were you?


Beenz said...

My son was also born that year. It was also my first year back with my family on the farm. I enjoyed my losgat days in Jhb, but I don;t miss them.

Life is an interesting journey.

Anonymous said...

now lets get the original with the title, the Biko book came out before this blog.

Ridwan said...

Thanks for writing and remembering Muzi. Geez I felt like I was right there beside you and inside of the story.

I am drawn to these kind of reflections because it measures our growth.

It is an opportunity to be thoughtful about the past, the brothers and sisters we have lost and those who remain.

To think more about what is important and what we want to achieve and leave behind.

You achieved all this in a relatively short post ... I am feeling the value no doubt.

Geez broer I am trying to remember 1992.

President Mandela was out of prison for two years and I was starting to write my doctoral dissertation at Howard U. in DC.

My head was filled with thoughts of finishing and returning to SAfrica.

Ironically the number one hit of 1992 was "End Of The Road" by Boyz II Men.

It seems so long ago now.

Be well my brother!

Peace and struggle,

Muzi said...

thanks guys you know it always look like the years gone by are better than the present. Maybe it is just me growing up.By the way I was in SOWETO this weekend my wife was running a SOWETO marathon so I took a break to see one of my old friends and we had good reminiscence of that year.

oh anonymous I don't know where you are going with your responds to my blog. For the record Biko inspires me and if your memory is longer six months you will know that there were no blogs during Biko's time. I was only 7yrs when Biko died, but his spirit lives on. I write what I like literally unless you wanna get technical with me.