Friday, 2 November 2007

Is there Justice in Justice

How often do you hear this phrase in South Africa” let the law take its course”? This phrase always live a bitter taste in my mouth because it is not about the law it is about how much can you fork out to buy you freedom. The poor of course can’t afford that, as we all know the law favours the rich who can afford lawyers of their choice. Your Tony Yengeni, Mark Thatcher and other rich dudes can easy elude the law. We as ordinary citizens we are made to believe that Judges execute their duties without bias even where we can see that there are indications of biasness and prejudice. Do we really respect justice in South Africa?

Take these two scenarios 1. A Judge issues a warrant of arrest for Jackie Selebi that warrant. Then the president suspends the head of the NPA as we all know. Advocate Mpshe who took over from Pikoli decides to withdraw the warrant (others say he did it by night nogal). What does that say about respecting judiciary? Clearly that undermines the integrity of the judge who issued that warrant. It is saying he was not competent enough be issuing warrants. Who am I to trust judiciary then?

2. Pius Langa and his judicial commission decide not to punish judge Hlophe because of what they call lack of evidence. Then one Judge Kigler and his whit counter parts run to the media to undermine that outcome and mudslinging began between black and white judges. This is the same Judiciary that want us to respect its decisions. But they can’t even respect their boss decision. They don’t have to agree with him at least. If even Judges go out of their way to doubt publicly the out comes of Judiciary who are we to trust judiciary.

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