Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Dodgy reporting

Nomvula Mokonyane apparently owes the city of Jozi thousands in traffic fines.
Malema paid his debt and to add more Black management forum smell racism in it.
Do I have to believe The Star? Maybe yes, but maybe no. Few weeks ago That Star had a big story on Minister Sisulu and her husband having trouble paying their bond for a house in Sandton and the house was going to be auctioned. Today this story has been relegated to 5th page and most interestingly the house has moved itself from Sandton to Midrand.  There was never an apology to say we made a mistake that house is in Midrand or  as a matter of fact the House is in Sandton. You see reporters are not as reliable as they want us to belive.

Who do we believe politicians or reporters? My gut feeing say trust reporters. Can they be racist as Malema and BMF suggest? Yes they can. Is the Star a credible paper to be doing life style Audits on black rich people? For a long time the Star has proved to be the mouthpiece of whites in this country therefore even if they are doing a good job which I think they are, blacks will always be suspicious of their intentions.

Already BMF think that they are doing this to vilify black rich people, as to say if you are rich and black there must be some dodgy things about you even if it just a traffic fine they can hang on to, they will make a headline out of it. Does that mean White politicians are immune? Lifestyle audits are supposed to affect everyone who seem to b living beyond their means. I am not sure if The star had that feeling when they followed Nomvula Mokonyane.  Whilst I strongly believe that Malema asked for Audits because of his denial Nomvula don’t deserve this.

The question we must ask ourselves is how often does she drive her self if she does at all? At what speeds are the VIP cars suppose to be travelling because I have never seen them stop at the robots nor driving at our normal speed on our roads. They are even allowed to drive on the yellow lane. Given all this do our reporters do they research on what was suppose to happen. Surely cameras will do their job (record all speeding car) but what happens after that. I don’t have facts myself so it is best if we leave it to Journos to explain the protocols of motorcades before crying fowl. With that we can be on the same page at present this is subject to interpretation.

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