Friday, 5 March 2010

Media getting nasty on Zuma

The British press had a ball ever since we won the bid to host the soccer World cup. They even sent the people to dig up some dirt irrespective of how remote it is from the soccer world cup.  But the only thing they could hold on to was crime, yes we have a crime problem in South Africa, but does it really deserve the airtime it is getting in the British media? And what does that have to do with hosting a successful World Cup?

Now our dancing President gave them a new target, they called his visit comic opera. The President couldn’t choose the worse time, after the Sono Khoza saga or private matter depending on whom you are talking to. I am not sure if the presidential aid is doing their job here, it was clear even before Sonono story that the president was going to be under fire. Remember the sickening question about his wives? The presidential aids should have known that after the love child scandal they should let things cool down a bit. I know we must not give in to bad elements but this is humiliation.  It is not far from the state of the nation address where he made some blunders as if he didn’t rehearse his speech. First he Mentioned Irvin Khoza’s name in a week that he was suppose to be as diplomatic as possible and brought the two house of parliament down with laughter. Secondly unnecessarily referred to the Development Bank of South Africa as ABSA, which is where Sono Khoza is working, then a louder laughter again. 

Now the British media is savaging his remaining integrity if there is any still remaining by calling him a Sex-obsessed Bigot with 35 children and a buffoon. I am sure this is the worse insult to be directed at the head of state by British newspapers. Again Presidential aid failed to see this coming.

Did he bring this to himself? Does he deserve this? I am sure this man is not as intelligent as we would like him to be, but he is still our President. Lets protect him until we chuck him out of the office if the ANC don’t recall him because of his indiscretions. As for the British media you have rubbished our country like some of our white counter parts, but this has to stop because World Cup success will prove you wrong.

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