Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Back Home

Ever since the government of our popular President took over they had to deal with saving face almost every second month. From Zuma’s utterances on Gays and Lesbians, on stop marriage ceremonies to baby making.

I must admit like Malema ( for different reasons though) it is very awkward to imagine a father figure like Zuma having sex. I never wanted to admit that my parents did it either even though it was obvious. This is taboo in African culture and Zuma being the traditionalist that he is should have guarded it, but it is a known fact that  he has completely failed. I have been asking myself if he will ever have time to govern without trying to justify his actions. There seems to be PR crises after another.

Whilst we were still shocked that instead of declaring his assets and interest of his family he chose to seek legal advice, the spokesperson of the Organisation Jackson Mthembu was busy driving drunk in Cape Town. What was really disturbing was the alleged reaction of the police in Mowbray Police station. Instead of arresting the culprit they threatened the law enforcers for daring to arrest their leader.

News from the north of Limpopo is so disturbing that you we think the media is making up stories. This story sounded like one of those stories “Made in Zimbabwe”. Not long ago someone was interrogated showing the zap sign to the motorcade. Not only that he was interrogated his place was ransack by the so-called law enforcers. I thought that was made in Ghana in the late 60’s. But no is Made in South Africa in 2010 nogal. I think it is high time that the government start running the country  instead of fighting allegation after allegation. As I speak General Siphiwe Nyanda is alleged to have used taxpayers money for accommodation even though he has one from government how is that for waste of money.

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