Wednesday, 27 June 2007


I attended an ANC policy conference earlier today, but not as a member or delegate but to do my work. Approaching Midrand the traffic on the road gave me an idea of what to expect in Gallagher estates. Going down the road I could see a sea of executive cars parked inside the demarcated areas and people going up and down. Comrades who seem to have last seen each other in exile hugging like they have magnets. I felt intimidated and I tried to park my car outside of the demarcated areas, but a Metro police told me to park inside if I don’t want them to taw my car. I thought inside parking was reserved for the executive cars… I am telling you ANC people are driving. I saw a number of X5’s Z4, Hard bodies etc you would swear that people who attended the conference were all from the rural areas judging by a high number of 4X4 that were there. I parked my car and approached the entrance… there was a group of about 30 men wearing sleazy leather jackets I mean all of them. There were some whites there that also looked smart considerign what we know them for in fashion. ANC policy conference can make mockery of some fashion parades that I have seen, but my concern was that there no women. I didn’t go there to see women but for an organisation that claims to have empowered women what I saw there is not good enough. I wonder how many director generals are female Director generals that were there were men. Making matters even more difficult were a number of security personnel… almost every second person was a security personnel should I say security man. I am sure NIA also put some male spies. The there thing that I noticed was that KZN and Northern Cape delegates have a different agenda to the programme. They kept on singing about the Zuma presidency and denouncing the present president. The president said there would be no succession debate, but I think he misunderstood the mood of his people.

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Gillian said...

Muzi, you are an amazing Blogger. I've learnt more about our country in just three of your posts than I have in a long time.

I know its very American, but you 'keep it real', if that makes sense.

Thanks, and keep writing.