Monday, 11 June 2007

Is Pali Lehohla at it again?

President Mbeki is attacking stats SA for the accuracy or inaccuracy of its figures. What a sham… it is a known fact that unemployment especially amongst black youth is very high. Instead of looking at what Mdladlana, and Mastepe Casaburu have done in their departments to reduce this high unemployment.Mdladlana and the Sectorals Education and Training Authorities SETA’s should be the one’s whom Mbeki should vent his frustration with. We always hear of how South Africa has a skills shortage and SETA’s were forned as an the answer to that. What do we a have to show for it? Battered, exploited and disposed off youth who don’t have work experience or eager to go to the SETA’s again. If only Mdladlana can take over SETA’s from employers who tend to treat learner workers as cheap labour. Telecommunication worldwide is the biggest employer of you yet in South Africa we are yet to witness that. Matsipe Cassaburi who proved to be a failure with all the post she had. I am not sure why she is still in that position or it is women empowerment? I am sure there is more than one woman who can do a better job than she is doing.Mbeki is picking on a soft target Lehohla and company because he knows those guys sometime give dodgy stats …we know they are not as competent as we would love them to be, but Mr president look at the real culprits, maybe you are also responsible. What is really hilarious is that Mbeki is accusing StaSA of including people who had just lost their jobs and were likely to get jobs given the nature of the Economy. I hear Vavi shouting again Hitler rhetoric! Are people who are likely to get job employed or unemployed? Some one who understands this language help me. Does it really make sense? If you are likely to get a job therefore you must not be considered unemployed for how long?

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