Monday, 4 June 2007

What is in a name

What is going on down there in KZN. The ANC is changing names in Durban and the surroundings areas using their majority in provincial parliament and not exhausting the process of consultation with the communities affected. When I saw the IFP in the streets marching, that reminded me of the mid eighties to the early 90’s. Those are the years we all wish to forget very fast in our History. But what is happening in KwazuluNatal can easily take us back. Do we really have to change names like Princess Magogo and Mangosuthu Highway, even some of the colonial names? if we are as positive as the world perceive us we should act in the interest of peace and unity not revenge. I disagree with the politics of Mangosuthu Buthelezi but we can’t deny the fact that he played a role in the struggle against Apartheid, but it look like the ANC is not playing the ball but playing the man. At least Thabo “the dictator” Mbeki is still sane, last week in parliament he asked “if it is necessary and inevitable to change the name of a stadium like that of Princess Magogo.”. From what I hear the man doesn’t get much respect from that province, but I want to hear the response from the top brass of that province this week. Princess Magogo was not a politician, she belongs to the royal family and she should be respected as such. The present government has honoured her for her role in the struggle. From where I stand there is just no reason why the provincial government of the should mention her in the same breath as Hertzog, Swarts etc. To be honest I always question the renaming process, but that is another topic for another day. I would like to know as to how much it costs a country to change the name of an institution.

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Pitso Tsibolane said...

You know what Muzi, the KZN renaming story is a classical case of ANC shooting itself in the foot! The IFP is busy dying its inevitable natural death (the zulu monarchy centric agenda which has no place in the new SA).And there goes the provincial ANC structure and lend CPR to the dying monster.

Now the IFP has a new cause to shout about for the next 6 months, back into the streets and the media limelight, thanks to name changing. There were reports that one of the proposed names was for some road to be renamed after an ANC leader's son as he had a car accident and died on that street...if this is true...i mean come on guys...WHY?

As you said some name changes for me do not really make a lot of sense...but as you said, its a debate for another time...