Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Soccer in SA

When I heard over the radio last week that super sport international was taking soccer away from us I must admit I was pissed off. I didn’t even know who the hell was Supersport international I know supersport…was that international always there or it is just my ignorance. SABC was doing anything possible to win public sympathy and they won mine and I am not alone for sure. After reading different publications I realised that I have nothing to fear at least for now. I hate Pay-TV not because it is bad but because I can’t afford it hence I complained during super 14 rugby tournament thanks goodness my prayers were heard. Is soccer in South Africa where teams at the top flight don’t even have sponsors deserve R5million? Maybe this is the time to raise the bar… SABC is taking us for granted, for R5million they would put some howlers in the studio as guest week in and week out who don’t seem to know what the viewers want to hear. The same commentators have nothing positive to say about our local football I doubt they if they do watch SABC sport at home either. Let’s give super sport a chance and how they are going to deliver on all these promises. As for SABC they should cut their loses and subcontract with super sport international if they really care about the us. Unlike SABC Super sport is prepared to go live simultaneously. Let hope ETV will buy some of the rights and we can see what they are really capable of. They are not doing a great job on UEFA champions league. Talking about champions league it’s former champions Barcelona is in the country to play Brazilians. They attended a fundraising dinner for Nelson Mandela children’s fund and UNICEF at Sandton last night and stayed for only 15 minutes. Maybe that is what we are going to see tonight 15 minutes of big stars and then play their reserves. Apparently SABC has put its foot in it again, they are not prepared to move that boring generation from 20h00 spot so the game will start at 20h30. You see more reasons why supersport will always have an upper hand.


Dave said...

Hey I agree with you. Nice blog mate!

Have a look at this news:

SABC where paying 67 million for the entire PSL league but paying some foreigners 93million for a dodgy Monday night game. Its disgusting. Imagine how 1600 million now for the PSL is going to trickle down to club level so we can pay our players more and keep them in country. There will also be a lot more money for the development of the beautiful game!



Dave said...

PS, I love the title of your blog. Taken from Steve Biko`s book is it?


Walton said...

Welcome to Amatomu, bru.