Thursday, 2 August 2007

What happened to a fair play

Why players are not taking their sport serious these days or should I say all the time? I was thinking... why a player would hurt another player sometimes even end their careers in sport if they are doing it for the good of the sport, I recall the guy Called Steve Sekano who used to play for Moroka swallows. He was so ruthless player one would cringe whenever he attacks the ball. I remember he is also the guy who ended Dan Malesela’s career at Pirates (for the record I am not a Pirate fan or supporter or anything) But with years things have gone worse players are drinking themselves to oblivion… any one who can tell me where skpie Malatsi is, when last did you hear about Jabu Pule mesmerising the defence? This is not new even over seas there are cases like these the best know is that of George Best, Romario and Maradona. Do you Remember Tim Montgomery? Marion Jones boyfriend… tested positive for using steroids and Marion Jones went beset when she was investigated for using illegal substances. But I was not surprised her ex-husband CJ Hunter was also a druggy. Jones made millions of dollars for her running but Guess what? She is broke as a church mouse now blames it on drugs. Now is the turn of the cycling world Tour De France 2007 was a substance playground naming people would chow most of your time, but it was the worst in the history of cycling so I heard I am not a cycling fan. What I have asking myself is why players would risk damaging their sport. Was there really a need for people to be tested if they know that they must not use banned substance. Other even have mettle to challenge the powers that be and claim innocence Sorry Hezakiel Sepeng you are one of them. I hope he learnt a lesson from the experience. Keep the passion stop cheating yourself … you worked hard to be where you are or did you?


Beenz said...

Its completely out of control now: you can't be in the top ten unless you are taking performance enhancing drugs - and then you get bust and kicked out. Theres no middle ground. The guys who don;t do the drugs just can;t compete with the guys who do. Its crazy.

The record times are so unrealistic now. Sometimes I think they should clear the board and start afresh. Legally!

I hear they've even bust golfers for taking drugs...maybe thats just to make the game more interesting. Lol.

Muzi said...

very interesting Beenz I heard Gary Player saying this over the radio one evening and I began to wonder what it wrong with people? The competition now is about who was busted rather than who won fairly.