Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Is it because I am Black?

Diepsloot residents went on a rampage on Sunday because their local Councillor didnot address their Housing problems. Driving from Rodepoort to Pretoria I had to via Johannesburg just to be safe, as they had blocked the roads, burning tires looting biting up people, burning cars. This is the very same Diepsloot that was the ugly face of xenophobic attacks. What is wrong with black people? Do we have to go on Rampage destroying the little that we have to send a message to our leaders? It is so unfortunate that people who bare the brunt are the people that you claim to be fighting on their behalf. Hawkers, Vendors, Spazashop owners, kids and women had to run for cover as the protesters were on a looting spree taking by force what ever was on their way. News crew were not spared as the SABC car was burnt to ashes. Does this have to do with being poor or being black or both? Are we the only poor nation in the world that our leaders are failing? Africa is now in never ending conflicts, since it’s decolonisation Guns has never stopped… when is this going to stop?

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