Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Service to the people

Sa politics can be very interesting and sad sometimes. After election the ANC and its allies went all out to discredit the DA led province for its racist attitude. Hellen Zille didn’t cover herself in Glory either by appointing all men team for her province. That was when the kings of outrageousness (ANC Youth league) went all out telling the nation that she appointed boy friends and concubines so that she can sleep around with them (sleeping around not having sex… welcome to ANCYL interpretation of sleeping around)

it was not long before the ANC took a wrong turn every one with the exception of Finance minister were going for a bling whilst the nation is on fire. Angie”the Dogs” Motshega told the nation that she saved us by not using the maximum money available to her how sick is that. I kept on asking myself why all our MEC and minister become stranded as soon as they take office? Take the case of Ralehoko who had to register a car as soon as possible and be delivered even before it can be ensured. The rest is history…

The impression we were given is that there are no cars to transport our MEC. Enter Hellen Zille again she chose to go easy on a swag that the ANC is so hell bent on show boating to their peers that they can uses much as R150 000 only on pimping a car. I hear she chose to use a pool car as government have lots and lots of those parked doing nothing. She also asked his colleagues to do the same. This might be a political point scoring, gee she can score as much as she wants if she can save my money for ore important things. We pay a lot of money to pay some MK cadres who disguised as bodyguards for politicians for 24 hours. Is that necessary or just protocol? Zille will use them only on official duties. Those also make sense. Tiyani Rikhotso says they are “entitled” the same term that Mandela during his term of office told south African they throw it in the dust bin, not the new kids on the block. in time of reccession they don't see a need to tighten their belts and lead by example instead they are bragging, no wonder people are running riot.

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