Tuesday, 28 July 2009

G numbers

G 8 or what ever number they are calling themselves of late has come and gone and leaders had nothing concrete to talk about because of the financial crises the Capitalist world finds itself in. Oh climate was top of the agenda and I hear they didn’t do a good job either n that front. A friend of mine use to tell me that if people start talking weather they are bored, but at most it is a better way to start a conversation to a stranger.

Weather affects us all isn’t it? I realised why the world Greeted the sacking of Mbeki with applause of democracy… that man was a pain in their back sides big time s he wanted them to account on their promises all the time something they are not used to. When the same thing happened in Honduras the world reacted differently why. They are comfortable with the Zolaya even though he threatens to change the constitution to increase his term of office. The world would like that because this time they will benefit especially the US.

This is exactly what happened in Madagascar Ravalomanana took over the reigns of government unlawfully. African Union (AU) initially didn’t recognise his government and later made a turn around, welcomed him and made him their comrade. Now Rajoelina is guilty of the same crime and now African union is starting to bite, too late though the damage is done . The world we are living in is messed up.

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