Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Every Wednesday in front of High Court in Pritchard street & Kruis there is man wearing a Ndebele traditional gear mixed up with Zulu warrior weapons standing on a stool holding a small bible. Interestingly his personalised number plate reads "MJITA", what a contradiction. (Ndebele,Xhosa,Zulu warior , Bible and tsotsi taal right in the middle of Johannesburg.) I have asked myself so many times why is he wearing the African traditional cloths? Why so early when it is so cold in winter? Is he protesting? Against what? He looks poor in his traditional attire but the car he drives suggest otherwise. I hope I will have time to speak to him and find out what is his story. He is an interesting character. He seems to be representing some church or religion ( South Africa Prayer Embassy), but he is not preaching, as you would expect from a religious point of view.

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