Thursday, 2 July 2009

A mistake or a ligacy of the past?

Bryce Moon one of our future stars is in danger of going behind bars if his culpable homicide becomes murder and negligence driving after running over a domestic worker after partying. My curiosity is with what happened just after the accident. Apparently the late woman stayed there forever waiting to be transferred to the nearest hospital that will accept her. As a result of a long wait the woman passed away.

I then spoke to my brother who is a paramedic but not in Johannesburg. “ What happens if a poor person and a rich person are in accident?’ he told me they will quickly take both people to nearest hospitals that they can afford… meaning the one assumed to be rich will be taken to a private hospital the poor one to a public hospital no matter the condition. I then put race issue… if a black person and a white person are in the same accident what happens … an answer was very simple take the white person to a private hospital and take the black one to a public one and later see if the black one has a medical aid will be transferred to a private hospital and visa versa with the white person.

This to me that was very interesting why don’t they just take a person to the nearest hospital, when the person has stabilised then take him to what ever hospital he can afford? I that would be an easy way to save lives instead of thinking of profit in times of death.

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