Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Madlala Routledge hero or villain?

Thabo does not shy away from controversy isn't he?He Fired Noziwe Madlala-Routledge and I think by that he is telling the ANC that staff your third term. he has obviously given up on aspirations of being the president of the ANC again. If we give him benefit of a doubt he did the right thing to show that he will not tolerate misunderstandings amongst his ministers. At the same time it would be even better if he were applying some sort of consistency. Parliament had been rocked by scandal after scandal and Thibo’s Kept quiet as a mouse. The travel gate scandal, Terror Lekota, Phumzile and a lot more actually if there can be a commission to investigate every Member of Parliament even if they are thought to be innocent South Africa would be surprised maybe not with the amount of corruption in that parliament.

But I also have some unanswered questions about Madlala Routledge. Is she the hero of the poor or another populist. Maybe South African a quick to make celebrities out of nothing remember Willem heath with heat commission he was doing great job but people made him celebrity too soon where is Hearth commission now? Jacob Zuma is another case the less we say about him the better.

Now Nozizwe Madlala Routledge, I have a sense that she was always trying to cross the floor (from Thabo’s camp to who ever takes over after Thabo) ahead of Limpopo Conference. If she is so passionate about the poor why is she only showing that now? Is it because she knows Thabo won’t be the president again? The timing leaves much to be desired. Listening to her on 702 I strongly believed that she was already in a campaign trail for the new president of the ANC. I think the sympathy vote is already in her bag, she will be the minister in the next government. I agree with Rouledge on other issues, and I believe that she is the victim of Manto/Mbeki whom I think planned her spectacular fall long time ago. She gave them the ammunition and Thabo didn’t hesitate to use it since he didn’t know if such a great chance would ever come again.

Who do we blame here… Madlala Routledge antics, or Mbeki’s insensitiveness or dictatorship? I was just thinking why did Sundaytimes wait for Mbeki to fire Routledge before exposing Manto’s drinking escapades ? That is a topic for another day.

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