Monday, 13 August 2007

SA soccer

On women’s day I did something that I should have done long time ago… watching my son play. I went to a multiracial soccer tournament at Lodium in Pretoria where my Eldest son Siyabonga was playing for the Young Eagles. I should have been with his mom instead we chose to go to the tournament. I have never seen him play because he keeps on changing sport. He used to play cricket and Rugby whilst we were in Cape Town. He never showed me any sign of liking soccer. He doesn’t even watch it on TV but he enjoy live games at the stadium. Back in Gauteng he plays cricket and soccer so I always thought that he doesn’t like soccer, but obviously I was wrong. I decided to start giving him my support. Boy those youngsters play enterprising soccer, we never had theses good tournaments in our days. The Biggest tournament we all looked forward to was Moloi Goodwill games which fortunately played in my township (Mapetla, SOWETO ). Judging by what I saw over this weekend and what expired at the SOWETO tournament, I think South Africa has a better future in soccer provided those Mafias at SAFA headquarter leave the office soon rather than later.

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