Thursday, 23 August 2007

A new TV show in SA

There is this new Soap opera that I saw last night on TV it is called SACP public mudslinging. From a very young age I always like the SACP politics they represented what I wanted to see happen in SA a multi racialism. I didn’t know much about the ANC composition, but I supported them any way because of Mandela and Thambo. After the unbaning of political parties the SACP of Blade Nzimande, Joe Slovo, Philip Dexter, Nozizwe Madlala, Jeremy Cronin was just what the doctor ordered. I was never a communist but I admire the commitment of the likes of Joe Slovo to the course.

The latest developments in the SACP paint a different picture from the SACP I have just described. One Modise is at the centre of it all and the SACP leadership pose as cheerleaders and players. I have failed to understand why the party is using the same trick they condemned during Jacob Zuma rape case. They have accused Willie and found him guilty before we could even hear his side of the story through the media and they are not ashamed. Madisha claim to have some evidence that he gave money to Blade Nzimande, but the question is why is he rubbishing these claims? Blade Nzimande is one of those politicians who are media friendly, but this time he chose to hibernate does he have something to hide this time.

For those who are lucky to be at home around between 06h and 07h00 in the morning when we are on the road had the opportunity to listen to these guys. Madisha is so articulate I am sure most people will find his side of the story appealing. What will the findings of justice? In all fairness Madisha’s story sound genuine. Or am I being biased now? Joe Slovo must be turning in his grave lord have mercy.

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