Friday, 17 August 2007

U Vlok namagenge

I was in Pretoria High court this morning to see for myself Adriaan Vlok and his gang being sentenced.I must say 10 yrs and five year suspended was just a formality reallythe deal was done way before the court proceedings. I was doing a piece for Free Speech Radio, which is based in Canada. I gave them what they wanted to hear, but these are just my thoughts away from my profession. Interestingly both blacks and whites were outside protesting from different forums of course. There was a victims group called Khulumani having placards that have the picture of Vouter Basson written, “who gave poison to vlok”. This group as you would imagine was largely Black with some whites here and there, just few meters away it was another group of protesters all white with solidarity placards some with a small baby written “ANC killed this child”. Kellie Kriel from the Whites group, which later I was told is Afri-forum, explained their presence. They feel that ANC people including Letlapa Mphahlele of the PAC are having it easy whilst their heroes are being victimised. They were also singing “one justice for all” which was not really clear given the loud toyitoyi, which was coming from the khulumani support group side. Interesting enough Khulumani support group was not there to support the NPA they were opening for the truth that is all. I think this case was hyped up… there was a large contingency of Reporters from all works of life. Tshwane Metro police didn’t even close Vermeulen Street, despite all the traffic jam this case was causing. It will take decades for South Africans to reconcile only because black want to reconcile their way and whites want to reconcile differently. We all looking for the some thing but the strategies are so different because everyone thinks that the other one have an ulterior motive.

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