Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Violent protests

I hear the government feels the pressure of nationwide service delivery protests. National Council Of Provinces (NCOP) will be visiting municipalities I am not sure if that have anything to do with service delivery though. These protests combined with Khutsong and of course Matatiele prompted Justice Malala to say “Thabo Mbeki does not like black people”. Maybe he was over the top, but it is true that the president don’t listen to his voters. You may ask yourself why are we having such violent protests these days? In 2005 alone there were more than 6000 protests link to service delivery and less than a quarter of those were violent yet in 2007 almost all the protest marches turned violent. Do our municipalities listen to people? It seems like people are frustrated… they don’t know whom to talk to yet they are told there is economic boom.

When the government is suppose to help the poor out of their misery they tell us that we have two economies one white and rich and the other black and poor. It is true that majority of blacks (as in African) are very poor, but they don’t protest because they are poor they protest because the government treats them like second-class citizens. Unless the government improve service delivery the visits to local municipalities by National Council of Provinces (NCOP) won’t help. People have been patient enough… now they have lost hope they are doing anything possible that will make the government to listen to them even if that means disrupting schools, blockading the roads, stoning motorist etc. Will the visits by the NCOP to the poor communities yield any results? Only time will tell.


Beenz said...

szykwHey Muzi, daily posts from you - yay! I always look forward to your posts.

You may have read this posting already -
I found it really interesting. Just goes to show, politics remain politics no matter who is in power.

Muzi said...

thanx Beenz