Thursday, 17 May 2007

Can we take politicians Serious ?

When I heard that Tony Yengeni had no place to hide I thought he would admit his guilt and serve with dignity instead he was flank by the senior members of his party. I am sorry I am not a prophet of doom, but was that really cool. I realised that politicians never get embarrassed our old JZ said things that I am not sure a high school boy could use to defend himself in court, the little we say about them the better. So When Tokyo Sixwale announced his come back to politics I knew the masters of outrageous insults wouldn't keep quiet. They are the supporters of JZ and they know he is not good enough for the post so what will they do? ridicule insult etc who are these? Vavi, the ANC youth league and the Young Communist league or should I say the JZ league. I have never heard of them before until Bulelani Ngcuka apparently targeted Jacob Zuma. Vavi didn’t waist time I think he called a press conference to tell the world that Tokyo is a businessman who benefited from the BEE. I won’t comment further, but the ANC youth league and Montlante the GS of the ANC are worse. They said it was prematurely for one to tell the world that if people want him to stand he will. The president said that on national television, Jacob Zuma said exactly that on several occasions. We know that if people ask Zuma to stand he will, if they ask Thabo Mbeki he will and Tokyo as well nothing is new. I hope Tokyo and who ever want to follow in his fotsteps is ready for the unmatched outrageous insults that will come from your Fikile Mbalula, Zizi Kodwa and company.

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