Thursday, 17 May 2007

Government must learn

In 2006 the South African government decided to impose municipal boundaries on people hoping that people were stupid and so submissive to an extant that they would accept that. Unfortunately that blew back to their faces and now they have run out of options. The only open option now for them is to scrap the new boundaries, but there is a problem. First they want to save face secondly they want to rule not to be ruled thirdly they want to teach their voters a lesson on how to vote with your head not your heart. Despite losing cases left right and centre the government seems determined to go against the will of the people. What is democracy? Is there a subject called history in exile? Maybe there is not judging by what Bush, Blair and company are doing else where. I was thought that history repeats itself. This morning all the news papers have head lines that were cut and pasted from 2006 headlines “Khutsong on fire”, “Khutsong residents resist the government”, Unrest in Khutsong continues etc. I say to the government of the ANC ... go back to the drawing board talk to the people even if that means to change your decision as long as that is the will of the people you leave with your dignity intact or else we will remember you with the blunders you have made with municipal boundaries, travel gate, Name change etc instead of the good things you have done for the poor who suffered dearly under apartheid. Surely those kids in Khutsong deserve to be at school now their new department in North West is event threatening to close the schools… how is that for arrogance.

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