Friday, 11 May 2007

Who is fooling who

This is the biggest sporting weekend for South African Rugby… why not they have or should I say we have got two teams in the semi final of the super 14. This is good news for our Rugby because they are the same players who will be representing our country in the World cup. Ironically Butana Khompela well known for shooting from the hip like a cowboy said something very interesting this morning (beside threatening to take passport of players). He said our teams are doing well at the expense of transformation. Ok which one is supposed to come first here Transformation or winning? Obviously they compete they can’t go together. Jake white on the other hand says he won’t let politics interfere in sport… I was left wondering as to which politics he was referring to because as far as I am concerned rugby is ruled by politics. Whites politics vs Black Politics … Black politics speak of demographics, white politics speak of winning team who doesn’t like a wining team? After 1995 world cup we were told that by 2003 there would be more blacks in Rugby (Silas Nkanunu said) 2003 came and went. Then we were told that this would defiantly happen in 2007 (Brian Van Rooyen) I have learnt today that their target is now 2012(Oregon Hoskins). This is called shifting the goal posts in the lateral meaning SHIFTING. Can we be honest with ourselves and admit that this will never happen. It looks like every time South African Rugby Union change president a new target is set. So the best way of staling the transformation is by making sure that the presidency keeps on changing hands. Nice strategy right. And tell me Jake white’s utterances are not influenced by politics I don’t buy your story Mr white sorry! By the way good luck to the Sharks and the Bulls you will be representing my country any way


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are not a racist

Anonymous said...

Good article laying all the history about rugby, what was said then, what is said now and what is happening....

I am not sure where is anonymous getting the idea of a racist? please enlighten me anonymous where is the racist bit that you are not sure about? Maybe I am missing something here.

Nice articel bra as usual