Monday, 14 May 2007


This is an interesting day and confusing I am sure for many men. On this day I don’t know who to buy a gift for my mother or my wife. When I was living closer to my mom we use to go to the shops with my wife and buy something for my mom. Now I am living with my wife miles away from my mother and this became a challenge. I was confused, should I but a gift for her or not? Then my elder son asked me if I can help him buy a gift for his mom I said thanks goodness someone came my rescue. If I didn’t have kids what was I suppose to do. Take her out for a breakfast and dinner? But she in not my mother she is my companion. This is confusing isn’t it?

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Anonymous said...

I dont think you need to be confused because once you start taking your companion as your mother a lot will go wrong. Knowing her she would have understood competely that it was not your place to buy her a pressie for mother's day but forgetting her birthday date or your anniversary would be another story.