Friday, 25 May 2007

Everything is Black and White

Earlier this month when the Democratic Alliance elected a new leadership Helen Zille was the obvious choice. They were not going to elect a white male again in this new South Africa otherwise they would scare away the black vote. There was a black man by the name of Bra Joe, I don’t think Joe Seremane would be the president even if he was still with the dying slowly PAC. Bra Joe knew that the DA doesn’t have a pool of blacks that would stand for elections and he had a good chance of winning because he is black. Whites are too clever I am sure you have seen that Joe, they elected a white woman at east there is a change according to our affirmative action. They will do anything possible by the book to ensure that the DA remains white. Last night I was watching the news when I heard that the Democratic Alliance have made history in South Africa… initially I thought they have a black chief whip or soothing like that … no they have a two women heading the party unfortunately they are all white even the new chief whip is white. Will politics of this country change? The answer is no. 1st on any Sunday just look around you as how we pray to God Whites go the other way with few unwelcome blacks and blacks will go the other way on their own. When you come from church try watch rugby. Apparently teams are obliged to have at least two players of colour that is as if white is not a colour. What South African teams do they make sure that they stick to that number and have as many whites as possible, who will question them because they already have TWO black players in their teams. The only places that truly reflect the demographics of this country are prisons hospitals (public hospitals to be precise) and city streets. I have been voting for change since 1994, but I am yet to see a dramatic change in our society by the way I voted for the ANC twice and then tried to resuscitate PAC with no luck. Do we have options in DA, FF+, UDM, ACDP etc maybe after the next elections we must pray that half the parliamentarians cross the floor …oh I hate that thing who came up with that? Ok we are told that South Africans are very positive about their country so let’s hope things will change for black people who happened to have blind leaders we will get there.


Pitso Tsibolane said...

It is a great South African debate....COLOUR!It has to be because colour is the trademark of our history and our future can't easily divorce itself from its stigma!

But we are at a time as South Africa where we need to seek and shape the soul and character of our own future...WHAT SOUTH AFRICA DO WE WANT TO LEAVE FOR OUR POSTERITY?

A colour dominated country? i guess not! The challenge is for us who are here now to lay a foundation, one we can be proud of.

It is going to be a painful process but it is all worth it!Let us slowly start communicating to our kids that character and not colour is the standard to espouse. Let us stay away from those who hang on to racial ideoligies to satisfy their own ends, let us tell them that we all need each other, black and white for South Africa to be a country.

It will be boring to have reverse apartheid by blacks on whites (its retrogressive), we are bigger than that. I am not naive about the redress that has to happen, it is has to happen, but we need to be diplomatic and unifying about it! We need to encourage everyone (black and white) to participate and buy into it.

Yes I am one of those who are hopeful about the future of this country!


Muzi said...

Hey Pitso you don't struck me as an IT person the issues you are reflecting on are always spot on. I visit your blog religiously even if I don't comment, but today I decided to comment. I am glad you liked my blog.

kind regards