Monday, 21 May 2007

No politics

This weekend was a great sporting weekend especially for rugby in South Africa; it was the last week for 2006-2007 PSL season. Big upset was Kaiser Chiefs not making it to the super 8, that means they won’t be able to defend their title and Moroka Swallows missing the second spot by a whisker. I nearly forgot it was also FA cup South Africa is a former British colony so we tend to have British this and British that. That is not a problem given that some South Africans are still holding on to dual citizenship. Ok enough about politics. Chelsea did me a huge favour by beating Man United, I rejoice every time a team gives them a hiding. So on Wednesday another English team Liverpool will be plying in the finals against AC Milan. The last time this two teams were playing in the finals of UEFA cup I was very tired and slept during halftime satisfied that Milan was 3-0 ahead and there was no way that the boring English team like Liverpool could stage a come back. To my surprise in the morning as I was driving to work I heard that the impossible happened Liverpool were the Champions. So this time I will not sleep even if one team can lead with 5-0. Soccer is very unpredictable that is why it is the biggest and the prestigious sport in the world except in South Africa where rugby and cricket hold that prestigious part. Good luck to AC Milam they are playing beautiful foodball at the moment.

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