Thursday, 24 May 2007

They did it

They won it again, but when Liverpool’s Kuyt scored that goal it was like a dejavu remember instanbul? but the question I have been asking myself is How is it possible that one player plays for one team for 23 years and still counting? Paolo Maldini of AC Milan is one such player, that means for the past 22 years he was performing at his peak. I am still hoping to see that in South Africa where we can’t even hold on to a coach for 2 seasons. I think in SA the only coach who has coached one team for a long time is Jomo Sono. If you are a South African you know why. I wish we can have many Maldinis' for 2010 world cup.

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Pitso Tsibolane said...

Yah Jomo is the undisputed longest serving coach of any club in SA...all time...and its because he cant really fire himself:-)

I think Cosmos is failing to reach its potential because of the same reason...they need an outsider with fresh ideas!